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    Looking for the Truth by John


    I'm a 16 year old American who really likes Buddhism, but I'm so confused help?


    I've been looking for spiritual truth. I looked for the truth in Catholicism, but now I've seen that Catholicism is not the truth. So I started looking into other religions, and Buddhism immediately resonated with me. The philosophy makes total sense, as well as the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold path. Rebirth also makes much more sense than heaven or hell.

    The problem is, I'm confused, because Buddhists seem to have a vast variety of views, but the Buddha seems to be saying one main thing, which is the release of suffering and the end of rebirth, so I don't get why there's so many different sects. Also, I know that alot of Westerners call themselves Buddhists but without really thinking about the spiritual elements. In fact, I know one Buddhist who says they don't believe in rebirth. How is this possible when rebirth is one of the fundamental teachings of the Buddha? Are these not real Buddhists?
    I want to practice pure Buddhism as Siddhartha Guatama taught it. Please help, I'm so confused.




    • Look at all these deluded people here answering questions, sometimes it makes me sick; and many times I feel like giving up and go to a more fertile ground, where the Buddha Dharma can be properly introduced.

      But the path of Bodhisattva was never easy, and sometimes we just need to pick a grain out of all the weeds scattered in the field. And an encouragement from Central America makes me feel all is not lost, because one has asked me to guide him toward learning the Buddha Dharma, so he can distinguish right from wrong; instead of all these chirping birds, who chimed words with no comprehension.

      To follow the path, you are not to resonate verses and phrases like a parakeet, but rather to truly understand and examine the lessons, and then practices what you learned so it will be ingrained into your brain and your mind.

      There are many sects. of Buddhism, but they are for as many different vessels as there are in human kind.

      Let me give you one example, you are going to school, remember when you were in kinder garden, all things seemed pretty hard for you, but every day, your parents and teachers and friends showed you what the world is like, and now you are a little older and wiser, so you can handle the world a little better.

      Remember the school work in first grade, now looking back you realized without first and second grades as your foundation, do you think you can look forward to your high school years?

      This is what Buddhism is all about, you start low, and you get higher; and when you get high enough rules change, not fundamentally, but your understanding should take into more consideration; and your main teacher will now explain to you more important and critical details missing for you to get anywhere. Progress and march forward, don't stay left back.

      All Buddhist students must start with Hinayana teachings, the four Noble truths, Eight Noble paths, and then the Mahayana’s Six Paraparamitas (translated as Six Perfections), 37 Branches of Bodhisattvas behaviors; and then Kriya Yoga, Criya/Upala yoga, Yoga tantric, Mahayoga, Anu and Ati yogas, and then Buddhahood in one’s life time.

      At first there is no God, so you don’t fall into superstitious behaviors like those Christians do, and then you realize there are Gods afterall, but they are not your masters, rather you are theirs- for they will serve you as you walk on the path of the Buddhahood.

      At first you will avoid temptations and attachments like AIDS, then as you tune yourself, the attachments no longer bother you, you treat them merely as buzzing flies, then eventually attachments are no more.

      Then it is just as natural as drinking cool water in the summer, and eating when you are hungry, what suffering? what desires? and what afflictions? They are no more than the clouds in the sky, when the wind blows, the sun (your True Mind) will be out again.

      What Enlightenment? It is you!!!


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