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    The Stages of Enlightenment

    The Stages of Enlightenment

    Part #1: [Shamata means stop everything]

    Realize Every Single Thought Which Arises in Your Head

    Continue realizing your thoughts, once you realize all your thoughts
    instead of engaging in them emotionally, you start to become less and less emotional

    Your thoughts become like a river stream, yet you have no emotional responses what so ever

    When the event happens its like a waterfall falling into you, but you are completely seperare from it
    [Also almost devoid of emotional responses.
    Your thought is your thought and your mind is your mind

    At this time the waterwall continues, but your is still

    Part #2:
     [Seek and view]:

    Now that your thoughts are empty you begin to look for your true self. [who am I, what I am, where am i], then an answer comes and you go to the
    next stage. Other meditations and techniques.

    Part #3:

    Realize the nature of empty.

    Rezlize what the Buddha nature is.

    Part #5:
    Then you become constantly aware of it at all times.

    Part #6
    Continuious remove and eilimnate human obsqurations and afflictions.



    Reader Comments (1)

    I think a better "Stages for Enlightenment" is the Ox Herding stages of Zen Meditation.

    July 19, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterzen

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