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    Write To My Hearts Delight

    I still remember when I started taking classical guitar lessons at around 13. It’s been an on and off journey, but I still am playing today. I’ve been in technology for several decades, and a few years ago I started to get a literary inch in my back, (I think it was my lower back.) This itch led to a full blown bout of taking classes in fiction, creative non-fiction, and now three infusions of screen writing.


                    The result has been a bunch of short stories, essays, a short screenplay, and two full length feature screenplays.


                    One of the most profound lessons I have been “schooled” in is that my own creative juices-efforts are never created-and-born in the vacuum of my own mind. Almost all my creative writing has spring forth from collaboration, work-shops-(other writers,) and input from a writer who is very dear to my heart – my father, (who was the driving force that encouraged me to return for a formal training in the writing arts.)


           has been around for several years as project of mine, and now I want to open up the Omguru – Artistic blog to creative writers, artists, and people who wish to express themselves. Please feel free to contact me in regards to sharing you work in this forum.


                    To this end I will start off the sharing with three of my pieces.


    “Toby from the Light,” (a short story about a traumatic experience I had in life which is about 80% non-fiction.)


    “Inheritance,” (a short screenplay about a man following his heart to his art. -send me an email request and I am happy to share it)


    “Alone in a Universal Sea.” (a short essay which reflects my Buddhist views of life.)



    I hope you enjoy them, and I look forward to connecting with you, and of course hearing your feedback.